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“Shannon has my respect and praise for having written such a gripping and phenomenal plot.” - Readers’ Favorite 

“[This] debut novel offers a fusion of apocalyptic fiction, SF, and horror that chronicles a family’s struggle to survive after civilization collapses… Shannon delivers the goods by creating characters that are identifiable and emotionally compelling… utterly readable … a highly entertaining, speculative glimpse of the end of the world.” - Kirkus Reviews

“I have never read a book that made it so difficult to take a break, and it’s just crazy how each chapter kept reeling me in further.” - Readers’ Favorite 

What Lurks in the Shadows is an action-packed adventure through the end of the world and what comes after.” - Reedsy Discover 

“If movies like A Quiet Place are your jam, you'll have a blast reading What Lurks in the Shadows. S.C. Shannon weaves a gripping survival tale filled with tension and intrigue that will have you biting your nails in anticipation of what's going to happen next.” - Readers’ Favorite 

“S.C. Shannon’s vivid descriptions of the characters and the different settings made what I was reading come alive.” - Gina Magee, Author of Twisted Roots 

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S.C. Shannon Receives Literary Award

The BookFest 2022 Award Horror / Monsters

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S.C. Shannon Receives Literary Recognition 

2022 Best of Indie Kindle Book Awards semi-finalist for Horror / Suspense

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The end was just the beginning . . .

Twenty-year-old Grace has a front-row seat to the end of the world after mysterious blackouts and a shock of bombings disrupt cities across the nation. What was once the perfect suburban life has become a daily fight to survive. All that was, now gone forever.

Determined, she prepares for what the future brings, armed with her sharp instincts, the desire to protect her loved ones, and her iron will to survive.

Just as Grace and her family begin to adjust to this new and uncertain environment, a terrifying threat emerges from within the darkness—a threat more petrifying than the apocalypse itself . . .

Told from two points in time leading up to one epic showdown, this twisty, suspenseful, and chilling account of a modern post-apocalyptic tale is a ride readers will never forget.

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AVAILABLE NOW as a FREE gift to all e-mail subscribers!

Something is out there…

It has been eight months since Henry and Jane were uprooted from their upscale, luxurious life in Central Park South in New York City. The apocalypse came and now every day is a struggle to survive. Then one night as they are looking for somewhere to call home, something terrifying emerges. 

In this short story from the What Lurks in the Shadows universe, Henry and Jane finally come face to face to a threat that will forever change the world as they know it. 

Will they be able to survive what comes at Nightfall? 

NOTE: You will receive an email with a link for access for an EPUB version. If unable to access, respond to email and request a PDF version. Also, remember to check your spam/junk folder.

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Notebook and Pen

“Beware; for I am fearless and therefore powerful.” —Mary Shelley 

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Background Story

S.C. Shannon has worked in law enforcement for over a decade. She grew up in Southern California in a close-knit family. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and obtained her Master’s in Forensic Psychology. S.C. Shannon remains in California, where she continues to serve her community and write. 

Her hobbies include writing, running, reading, and drinking copious amounts of her favorite wines. She is a true-crime fan but also loves anything paranormal and scary! 

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